Deliver Sales Traffic

Businesses want a trade show traffic builder and BoothTag delivers! Booth staff receive self-service lead qualification, note-taking, and bonus tools that prove a measurable ROI for their investment. Exhibitors shared their needs with BoothTag and we listened!

Create Excitement

BoothTag's features deliver event excitement. Using their smartphones, attendees engage with exhibitors, social networking, and scavenger hunts to gain points and make connections. Strengthen your show dynamics when you empower audiences with a mobile conference app that motivates them to engage, compete and have fun!

Demonstrate ROI

You need an event mobile app and event software platform that cover all your bases. BoothTag demonstrates ROI to paying exhibitors, real exposure and value for sponsors and engaging experiences for attendees. Customized administrative tools measure your event, and dashboard metrics provide real-time visibility to all activity.

Increased Engagement

Empower attendees to connect with exhibitors, content and each other using their smartphones. Elevate your mobile trade show app from brochure to business driver that delivers ROI for exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and event producers.

Motivating your audience to connect is key!
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Valuable Analytics

Capture valuable metrics in real time with every interaction. Using the BoothTag mobile event app, attendees engage with content sessions, exhibitor booths, attendee networking and all game elements, watch the needle move and quantify the performance and ROI of your event!

Measure the increasing heartbeat of your event!
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Powerful Organization

Find everything easily in exhibitor and attendee directories using search, keyword category tags, notifications and maps. Dashboard tools compare activity stats with the most connected people and locations during your event at a glance.

Deliver the goods in a powerful way!
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Social Business Tools

Mobile applications for events should do more than just list directories. BoothTag empowers you to take action on companies and people you meet, take notes, recommend a colleague, share an impressive exhibitor, create to-do lists and qualify sales leads with one click!

Do more business, share more intelligence!
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Exciting Game Mechanics

Reward your attendees for participating. Every aspect of your event is game-ready for use in scavenger hunts, badges, prize contests, leader boards and more. A powerful trade show game available to you instantly!

People love to compete!
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