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Exhibition stand builders and contractors for events and congresses

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Modern Exhibition Booth Designs & Custom Stand Construction

Boothtag is an exhibition stand builder, contractor company providing exhibition stand design and build services across Europe. We provide impressive solutions, exhibition stands with unique look and perfect execution we can attend complex demands for exhibition stands creation, manufacturing and build up across Europe, in the major exhibition centers: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Milan, Amsterdam.

Our exhibition stand contractors and builders program includes a white range exhibition services to design develop built transport and deliver your exhibition stand at the trade fair. 

  • Concept development
  • Measurements
  • Design
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Installation

Exhibition Stand Contractor Design and Build Services 

  • Planning

    We provide full support on all stages of cooperation with us starting with planning, thus you can always be sure that every project we take is completed within pre-agreed term.

  • Booth design

    Boothtag an exhibition stand design company with modern concepts, unique styles and creations for increased visibility on your next show.

  • Exhibition stand build

    Custom exhibition stands constructed with wood, metal, MDF, acrylic, materials that can be fully customized to build your expo presentation with high level of efficiency.



Our designs are created for custom stand build with materials, like wood, glass, plexiglass, metals, were any material can be formed and shaped. Every aspect of your stand can be tailored to be perfectly build with materials as floorings, carpet and laminated, paitings, spray painted, roll painted or laminated walls, furniture in different styles, multimedia, LED screens, touch screens, video walls. We build 3d backlighted logos, pannels and product display podiums, entire backlighted walls, hanging banners. We print entire wall graphics suppliying artworks, we create cut out logos and lettering.

With the creation of entire VIP areas leather sofas and catering areas and bars, you can expect interior booth creation for any requirements and purpose.


Our designs are created for custom stand build with materials, like wood glass plexiglass metals were any material can be formed and shaped. Every aspect of your stand can be tailored to built perfectly with your brand identity and messaging.

Professional designers, architects, and technicians are dedicated to bringing you're exhibition presentation in a higher level. From the  initial request for design creation construction to execution, we use the best workforce and suppliers to ensure that your custom exhibition stand not only meets but exceeds your exhibition targets. 

You can expect solutions for every need from minimalistic or modern design, high-end and elegant designer experts,  have the creativity and skills to create the design concept by implementing your exhibition targets and your branded elements to reach a high level of personalization.


Graphics and Fabrication

Enhancing Visual Appeal and Functionality.

To ensure consistency in branding, create messaging and materials to effectively communicate your message. We produce high-quality graphics and our team is experienced at building the stand with precision.

Create messaging and materials that will effectively communicate your message and resonate with your target audience, to ensure consistent branding across the entire exhibit.  A perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality, we produce top-tier graphics, while our proficient team builds the stand structure with accurate detail.


Delivery, Installation & Dismantling: Seamless Logistics 

Our team oversees the complete shipping process, setting up, and dismantling. Your stand is delivered punctually, perfectly installed by our experienced professionals, and promptly dismantled. 

Exhibition Stand Design



Modern exhibition stand designs with unique look. Eye-catching design and styles for best event presentation.

Exhibition Stand Build



Build custom exhibition stands that are perfect made with fine finishing and customized materials.

Design Projects Portfolio

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Searching for The Best Exhibition Stand Contractors?

From the the first stage of providing you requirements and wishes for the design development you can expect from your exhibition stand contractor more than design creation with the implementation of unique characteristics of your company.
Because it is important to develop a unique look and the memorable visible  booth concept that will attract potential customers but also your long-term clients that will recognize your company among thousands of exhibitors.

An appealing design and clean construction is the key for success but it also need to consider the message and the information you would like to transmit in the first seconds but also when you are in conversations. An exhibition stand builder with the knowledge will create and design and build the stand according to the exhibition targets and the products and services you would like to display. 

To request a stand design or a quotation, please send us:

  • The name and dates of the exhibition you are participating.
  • The floor plan.
  • The requirements and wishes, the brief describing how the exhibition stand should look like.
  • The target budget would be helpful to optimize the design project.