Startup Growth: Mobile Game for Business Events Steps On To National Stage

Feb 29, 2012

In a world where trade show mobile apps are ever more common, BoothTag was selected by EXHIBITOR 2012, the trade show industry's largest exhibit hall, to drive foot-traffic to key exhibitors in its new Find It - Marketplace at the event.

BoothTag, a mobile game for trade shows and expositions, steps onto the national stage in Las Vegas next week at EXHIBITOR 2012.

The BoothTag game awards points to attendees as they scan exhibitor booth bar codes, and engage in event-wide scavenger hunts. Exhibitors create their own bonus bar codes and download spreadsheet lists of all attendees who scanned at their booth.

Not only is BoothTag a mobile game product, it's a successful Milwaukee, WI technology startup company.

After a 2010 pilot and 2011 launch at the BizTech Expo in Milwaukee, BoothTag incorporated in July 2011 and gained key customers regionally and nationally, including InBusiness Madison, CompTIA Breakaway 2011 in Washington D.C. and national corporate internal trade shows.

Exhibitor Media Group chose BoothTag for the trade show industry's largest exhibit hall because of the "gamification" employed in generating attendee traffic to exhibitors.

Event attendees scan QR codes using the iPhone or Android BoothTag app that has been branded for EXHIBITOR 2012. On-screen notifications in the app encourage the attendee to explore new areas, connect with fellow attendees by scanning their personal game barcode, level-up by acquiring more points, and win prizes provided by the event. Exhibitors and attendees can also manage their game connections and profile information through a dedicated portal at

With an anticipated 6,500 attendees, the game activity is anticipated to be high for the nearly 130 destination booths with barcodes. "Even limiting the participating booths the Find It - Marketplace, roughly half the total exhibitors at the event, we believe the scan activity will eclipse previous, very successful BoothTag events. The best part is, BoothTag now shows feedback graphically to attendees in real time, as it occurs, on both mobile devices and a series of big-screen leader displays. That user feedback critically motivates attendees to play, generating real-time trade show floor analytics for the event."

BoothTag is a company delivering traffic and driving engagement at trade shows and business events using mobile barcode technology and game theory for increased attendee activity and measurable exhibitor value. For fast response, contact us at

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